I'm delighted that you are looking into becoming a demonstrator for Stampin' Up!
It is so much fun and can be very rewarding in a variety of ways.

You'll find plenty of information both on this page and on my Demonstrator Business Website that will help you decide that this is the right decision for you.

Have you often thought about ways you could save money while using the best products on the market when enjoying your paper craft?

Maybe you feel you don't have enough experience to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up!®

The GOOD NEWS is you don't have to be experienced as I will provide all the training you need/want,  and you CAN SAVE lots of $'s with the 20% discount all demonstrators receive from Stampin' Up!

That's right!
 YOU choose exactly what you want or need in your kit to get started as a demonstrator.
No more doubling up on products you already own.

You could decide to opt for a Big Shot and accessories
the full set of inks may be on your Wish List.

No matter what you choose it can be to the value of
Your investment will be just $169.

you receive a bundle of each of the current catalogues and other business supplies like order forms, invitations etc to the value of $80, at no extra cost.

View the current catalogues from the side bar graphic.

Contact me today to find out how you can take advantage of this great bargain.

There is no membership minimum time and no penalties if you decide this opportunity is not for you.
I know you will be thrilled choosing the  contents of your own Starter Kit and they are yours to keep!

You will have the opportunity to develop a viable business with a team of your own for a once off payment of $169.00. There are no yearly renewal fees and you receive a fantastic STARTER KIT containing products that enable you to showcase a variety of products and create a wide range of projects.

Perhaps I should let you in on a little secret here. I joined Stampin' Up! with NEVER  having stamped before. Crazy? Maybe, but I love all crafts and the business opportunity was just what I was looking for - that is to have access to wonderful quality products at a discount, and earn myself a little extra pocket money to splurge on more craft items. AND to do this when and how I choose. 
The added bonus is I've been rewarded with 6 overseas trips for 2 people in the last 7 years. Wonderful destinations such as the USA, a Mediterranean cruise, Hawaii, Thailand, Alaska and a Greek Isles cruise. I can choose to work hard for this reward, or take a step back and enjoy my crafting.

I have fallen head over heals for these quality products, and am proud to offer them to my customers. The training resources offered by the company, and my team will have you feeling confident in no time.

You can see from the list of DEMONSTRATOR TYPES that the way you run your business is up to you. The only criteria to remaining active is to place commissionable orders totaling 300CSV or in dollar terms $468. (ex P and H) every 3 months.

How can this be achieved? Usually just one workshop every 3 months will get you there. Or you may place your own orders along with those from a couple of friends and family members.
But why stop there?
Opportunities for travel, cash bonuses and product bonuses are available for those who work at building a business. Ask me for details. There are special conditions for new Demonstrators (and now is a fabulous time to find out about these). I am always available to assist you with techniques - I am a retired Art teacher - and my team of demonstrators boasts many individual talents that are freely shared among other team members.

Look at the text below to discover the opportunities available to you.

What Demonstrator option best suits your lifestyle?


Stampin’ Up! welcomes all kinds of demonstrators, and provides many incentives, lots of support, and ideas to help you achieve what you want from belonging to this great company.

You view your Stampin’ Up! Independent Demonstratorship as a viable business with the potential to develop into a long-term career option. You actively pursue workshops, sales and recruits, and work consistently to expand your business. There are wonderful incentives and business tools to assist with these goals.

However much time you want to invest is up to you. Many Demonstrators start out as Hobby Demonstrators and  build  a team of paper craft friends over a period of time. There are no time limits - it is your "business" and you run it as you like.

You love buying at a discount, doing workshops and earning extra income when it is convenient to you. You work a lot some months, a little other months, but you determine when and how much will fit in with your life style.
You like the idea of buying top quality stamps and scrapbook supplies for yourself at a discount. You may occasionally sell to friends and family.  You hold the occasional workshop for friends or gather orders through showing catalogues to interested people.

You have a goal in mind (paying for a holiday, purchasing new furniture etc) and think you will stop once you have reached your goal. Stampin Up can help!

Visit my Demonstrator Business Website for further details.
 Contact me via the website or do your application on-line via my website.
Or if you'd prefer you can arrange a chat by emailing me.  Sadly, I can only offer this opportunity to Australian residents. Other interested persons from overseas should contact a demonstrator in their own country.

This opportunity has given me a new lease on life through meeting lots of new friends with similar creative interests. Additionally, I can now happily spend more on my crafting passion - guilt-free - as I'm earning an income from selling these top quality products. That makes me one very happy person!