Saturday, 2 October 2010

Special Event Coming Up

Our family has a very special event coming soon - the marriage of our youngest daughter. We are all looking forward to the event for a number of reasons, including seeing "our baby" happy and starting a new phase of her life, but also because it will be a fun event in a warm location.

Jaci - our youngest of 3 daughters has chosen Bali for her venue and we were just thinking the other day how each of the girls has married on an island. I wonder if that has something to do with living in a landlocked city!

Kari daughter number 2 chose Hamilton Island off the coast of Queensland and Lee, daughter number 1 chose the Corillion Island in Lake Burley Griffin.

Each of the weddings has been so much fun, and each has reflected the personality of the girls. They have been kind to us (the parents) by spacing the weddings over a period of 14 years, but we have enjoyed gaining 3 sons in the process.

 Here is a fun photo of the girls at Kari's wedding. After many years of calisthenics it is obvious to me that you can take the girl out of cali, but you can't take the cali out of the girl. Bring out a camera and all of my girls will "strike a pose."

It was such a beautiful setting and the photos are stunning. I'm hoping we'll get some beauties from Jac's wedding too. Unfortunately I don't have any digital photos of Lee's wedding so I'd better get  a new scanner and remedy that situation. 

As this is primarily a blog about my stamping, I'd better show you the invitations I stamped for Jac's wedding. I've made the wedding gowns for the other 2 girls but due to the fact that Jaci now lives in Jakarta that was going to be  a nightmare situation. So I did the invites and table decorations instead. I can show the invites as they have all been sent out.
We wanted to reflect the Bali style so chose this wonderful Medallion stamp from Stampin' Up!®.  The idea was to give the impression of batik plus add a hint of the gold that is so evident in Balinese costumes and decorations. The pockets are printed front and back and the gold is embossed. The insert has the little swirl printed on it too.

I stamped off the Medallion to get the different pinks, and by overlapping the image I was able to create some of the colour and patterning that can be found in Bali. Everything used is from Stampin' Up!, including the black ribbon. It is just so easy to co-ordinate projects using SU products - that is one of the things I really love about them. 

Later on I'll post pictures of the table decorations and some of the wedding too. Can you guess what the bride will wear? It has been very interesting and somewhat stressful for Jaci to coordinate her 5 bridesmaids - 2 live in the UK, one in Sydney and the other 2 in Canberra. The dresses were made in Jakarta by a wonderful seamstress, and the 2 UK maids won't even try theirs on until the day before the wedding. Eek! Must pack my needle and thread. Having said that I'd better go finish the slight alteration I need to make to Lee's outfit.

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  1. Strike a pose is great! You have 3 beautiful girls, how blessed are you!x Chriss


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