Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Bali Wedding

I've talked quite a bit about the wedding of our youngest daughter, so I thought now that she's seen all the photos, I may just share a few with you all. Before I go too far I want to put in a plug for the Alila Ubud resort where the wedding was held. The management and staff there were brilliant and provided us with so many delightful little extras. Apart from that, they were most accommodating and were very flexible in allowing Jaci to create exactly what she wanted for her wedding. It was a lovely setting - in the mountains of Bali, and the resort is based on a traditional Balinese Village. Add to that the wonderful cultural experiences to be had in the neighbouring village of Ubud, plus the spa treatments (that we frequented every day!) and you couldn't ask for a more relaxing holiday. Oh yes - the food was excellent!

The maids - consisting of the bride - her 2 sisters and 3 best friends. Two of these girls flew out from London for the wedding and it was so nice to catch up with them after such a long time. The setting is the private pool in our Villa - very nice!

The trek up to the sculpture garden - and yes she was keeping the poor ol' groom waiting! That's FOB in the background.

The setting was stunning. It is a Balinese custom to engage a "Rain Stopper" to ensure that it doesn't rain on your outdoor function.  I have to say I was extremely sceptical about this concept, but now I'm a believer. It pelted down with rain - a real tropical downpour - the day before the wedding and it rained again the day after, but on the day, although it threatened - the rain stayed away. 

This is the rain the day before looking out the back door of our villa. Unfortunately we were too busy to take advantage of the outdoor bath, and some of those fishies were so big  they were a bit scarey. My grandson thought they were pretty good tho' and wished he had a fishing rod! Back to some wedding pics.

Proud mum with the bride. And the bride and groom heading for the reception.

Those steps were a killer at first, but they looked so beautiful decked out with hundreds of candles. Having to go up and down so much also meant we burnt off all the excess calories we consumed whilst there. And did I mention how good the food was? The infinity pool was at the bottom of the stairs too, but even my 82 year old mum was navigating them pretty well after the first few days.  

And here is the gorgeous setting for the reception that followed. It was like a fairy land with lights, candles flowers and Balinese flags. We ate outside and had dancing with a live band in under the open air (but covered area)

And while the rest of us celebrated, it was just a bit too much for a 2 year old who was all tuckered out. So what better to do than find a cushion on the dance floor and go to sleep amidst all the celebrating and dancing. He is such a great kid and was wonderfully behaved the whole time. He was the only child at the wedding, but he still had lots of fun, and lots of attention. It's a bit sad that this wedding marked the last of our children to be married. Our family weddings are always so much fun, and for the last 2 we managed to have a wonderful holiday at the same time.  I can
recommend a format like this. Hope you've enjoyed seeing just a smidge of what has been our focus for the last few months.



  1. Looks like a stunning wedding photo's. Jac and the girls look stunning. Poor little Mr T all tuckered out. Can't wait for the scrapped pages of the wedding... hint, hint.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful Ann, thanks for sharing.
    From Chriss

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is such a beautiful wedding. So, did she found that wedding card so gorgeous? I bet she did.


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