Friday, 26 November 2010

Making Your Own Vintage Leaves.

Do you ever need some nice Vintage looking leaves for a project, but don't have the time to purchase any? I was in that position the other day, so started to think how I might make them. I've been making some Vintage Flowers from brown paper, smooch spray and ink that I saw demonstrated by Valita Reynolds, and decided to have a go at some brown paper leaves. Paper bags will do, and then all you need is the Large Heart punch from Stampin' Up!®, the Soft Suede Ink Pad and a sponge.

Don't they look realsitic? To make them you simply cut the heart in half ( I used a slightly curving cut) fold the leaf in half and scrunch it up into a tiny ball. It is fairly fragile, so be a little careful. Then load the sponge with Soft Suede ink, unfold the leaf, but keep it in half, and ink quite heavily long the vein or spine of the leaf. Open the leaf out and apply ink to the rest of the leaf, then just give a light spray with Gold Glow Smooch Spritz ($7.95 #118770 ) - this will be available in the New Summer Mini Catalogue that is available now, but sales start on the 1st of December.

Here is a quick tutorial for you:

The Large Heart Punch (old style now available in flat  style)

Punch heart shapes from brown paper

Cut hearts in half

Fold shapes in half

Scrunch leaves up into a tiny ball (take care not to tear them)

I've opened the leaves up here to show you, but the next step is to keep the leaf folded in half and ink along the spine. Then open it out and apply less ink over the leave to catch the high points of the crumpled paper.

Finally spray with Smooch Gold Glow for a really antique effect. And here is the completed cover of another of my Mini Brown Paper Albums.

If you would like more information on my Brown Paper Albums: you can contact me.

I have a variety of kits available for sale, and/or tutorials on how to make your own albums. They are fun and make a wonderful personalized gift for special friends or family members. 

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will give these leaves a try. Of course you can use any sort of card stock or paper depending on the finished effect you have in mind. 

Until next time,

It's Always a Perfect Day for Stamping,

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  1. Very realist it!! cheers Chriss


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